Maida Vale estate services

Cleaning and estate inspections

We carry our regular cleaning and quarterly inspections on all our estates. Check out our dedicated page to find out more about when your estate inspection is due to take place and actions from the last inspection.

Parking and sheds

We have a range of parking spaces, garages and sheds that are let to estate residents, other Westminster residents and local businesses at reasonable rates. If you have a disability, you may be able to get a parking space for free.

Call the estate office for more information about parking and sheds available. We can arrange a letting agreement and supply keys.

See the Westminster City Council website for more information about parking in the city.


Our gardens and grounds are maintained by a team of gardeners. We also have community gardening schemes where residents work together to maintain small green areas on their estate, or run a mini allotment scheme to grow their own food.

Day to day rubbish collection

Rubbish is collected by the council. Click here to find out when your collections take place.

Special rubbish removal

Bulky household items
If you cannot sell, recycle or re-use bulky items, Westminster City Council provides a special collection service for things like fridges, beds, sofas. There is a small charge unless you get housing or council tax benefit. Please contact the Environmental Action Line on 020 7641 2000 for details.

Assisted collections
If you have limited mobility, you may be able to have your waste collected by a member of the waste collection crew. To arrange this call 020 7641 2000.

Tree management

We inspect our trees every three years and prune trees that are becoming overgrown or might be a danger in the future. Occasionally, we carry out unplanned but high priority work such as replacing diseased trees. We also check if there are any gaps where a tree should be and, depending on funding available, replace some trees with others that are better suited to the area.

Report tree problems to your local office or Neil Taylor, arboricultural officer for Westminster City Council on 020 7641 4202.

Pest control

Pests are unwanted insects or vermin living in your home that may be hazardous to your health. The council's pest control team advises residents how to get rid of pests and may come to your home to treat the problem. The service is free to our tenants.

Report a pest problem with the council's pest control team on freephone 0800 3580514.

Learn more about common pests including garden and tropical ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, fleas, foxes, mice, pigeons, rats, squirrels and wasps.


Lots of residents are keen to recycle and we try to make recycling in Westminster as easy as possible. Check to see how much your estate is recycling, and what the recycling team are doing to help increase recycling where it's lowest.

To find out how, when and where you can recycle, plus get information about garden waste and reducing your rubbish, contact the council's recycling team on, or 020 7641 2000.

Satellite dishes

You must get permission before you fit a satellite dish to your property. Fill in an application form and contact Westminster’s planning department.

CityWest Homes will not usually give permission if

  • There is a health and safety risk.
  • The dish, or fitting the dish, will cause damage to the building
  • The dish causes a nuisance to another resident, for example, it blocks out light
  • An alternative method of receiving satellite transmissions is in place
  • Major works are imminent
  • The council’s planning department refuse permission. This is more likely if you live in a building that is listed or you live in a conservation area.

If you fit a dish without permission you may be asked to remove it. If you do not remove it we may remove it or take legal action against you and re-charge you the costs.

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