Queen's Park staff listings

Housing manager

Derek Williams

I'm responsible for the following properties:

  • Fourth Avenue
  • Galton Street
  • Huxley Street
  • Ilbert Street
  • 1-202 Kilburn Lane
  • Kilravock Street
  • Lothrop Street
  • Marne Street
  • Nutbourne Street
  • Oliphant Street
  • Peach Road
  • Sixth Avenue

Email: dwilliams@cwh.org.uk Phone: 0207 245 2579

Senior housing manager

Sohith Patel


My name is Sohith and I am the senior housing manager responsible for the day to day management of Mozart, North Streets and Queen's Park villages. I encourage and motivate my teams to provide a high quality services to all our residents

Email: spatel@cwh.org.uk Phone: 020 7245 2687
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