Local management agreements

We have developed Local Management Agreements (LMAs) as a national model for residents to take control of local housing services. The agreements are voluntary so we will need to be satisfied that residents have the necessary skills and resident support before we transfer the services.

We currently have LMA agreements with 5 resident groups where residents manage cleaning and grounds maintenance services on behalf of the council. We are currently working with Charfield Court Resident Management Board, on two local agreements for cleaning and grounds maintenance. We are looking to go live on these agreements between April & June 2017.

The allowance we give to the residents groups to manage the LMA is based on what it costs the council to provide the same service. The only limitation is that the allowance cannot be more than £164,176 (the EU procurement threshold).

In partnership with the Department for Communities and Local Government and the Homes and Communities Agency we have developed a toolkit which gives you all the information you need to set up a LMA. It's also a guide for council staff, and a model for other housing providers to use. Further information can be obtained from the Tenant Central website.

On the back of the LMA agreements, we have a scheme predominantly for leaseholders in street properties who wish to undertake external redecorations. We’ve called this scheme “Go it Alone”. Despite the name of the scheme we will provide you with all of the support and technical advice you need.

If you are interested in local management, please contact the resident relations team - residentrelations@cwh.org.uk or 020 7245 2900 or text 07781 472821 with the word “local management” giving us your name and address.

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