Tenant empowerment programme

The Department for Communities & Local Government (DCLG) provides tenant empowerment grants for council tenants interested in having a say in how their properties are managed – for example you may want to look at setting up a Tenant Management Organisation (TMO) or negotiating a Local Management Agreement (LMA).

To apply for a grant under TEG, a resident group will need to complete a simple questionnaire and send it to the DCLG. If approved, the resident group will employ their own independent advisor to help them consider how they can get involved in the services we provide. The grant is divided into three main parts.

Exploring the options part one. This provides a grant of up to £10,000 to allow residents to employ an independent advisor who will work with the group to identify local issues, provide training and explain what options there are for getting involved. The project lasts for around six months and at the end of the project you will have an idea on how you can have more influence over how your housing services are delivered.

Exploring the options part two. This grant is for groups that want to seriously consider tenant management. The independent advisor will prepare the group for an initial assessment of competency which normally ends up in the serving of a right to manage notice on the council. This is the first stage in setting up a TMO. This usually takes three - six months

Feasibility and development. Once a residents' group serves a right to manage notice it can apply for a feasibility and development grant. This can last for up to fifteen months (but can be extended) and allows the group to develop as a TMO, agree allowances and negotiate a management agreement. At the end of the process, the group undertakes a full competency assessment. If that is successful, a ballot is held of all tenants and leaseholders on the estate to see if they want the TMO to take over housing services.

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