Customer service centre update

Last updated:  Wednesday 17 January 2018 covering the week of 8 January 2018

Here you can find information on how we are working to provide you with the best possible service. We will update this on a weekly basis so you can see how we're making progress.

In the week beginning 8 January, the number of calls increased from 4452 to 5488 a week. This increase in calls has resulted in the average wait time increasing from 1 minute and 36 seconds in the previous week to 2 minutes and 46 seconds. We’re pleased to report that the increase in calls has not affected the number of calls resolved first time which has increased by 5% to 48%.

Since we launched the contact centre, we continue to see an overall improvement in average call waiting time. As anticipated, January is normally our busiest month and we have seen the calls increase accordingly. Due to the increase in resourcing we have continued to see a good performance in speed and answer and also an increase in our first time resolution.

  • Increase in calls from 4452 to 5488 per week
  • Average wait time for calls to be answered is 2 minute 46 seconds
  • Increase in calls being resolved first time.


Number of calls 8 Jan




Percentage of calls resolved first time 8 Jan



Average wait time 8 Jan



Percentage of abandoned calls 8 Jan