Customer service centre updates

Last updated:  13 April 2018 covering the week of 2 April 2018

Here you can find information on how we are working to provide you with the best possible customer service and repairs. We update this information on a weekly basis so you can see how we're making progress.

Following the long Bank Holiday weekend, there was a 19% increase from 3832 to 4418 in calls. This led to our call waiting times increasing from 49 seconds to 2 minute and 2 seconds, we were able to increase first call resolution from 62% to 63%.

•    Increase in calls to 4418 per week
•    Average wait time 2 minute and 2 seconds
•    63% of calls were resolved first time.
•    all emergency repairs were carried out in 48 hours with 87% of these carried out in 24 hours and 100% of general repairs completed were done so on time.
•    in March 100% of emergency repairs were completed in 48 hours, of which 89% were completed in 24 hours and 97% general repairs were completed on time.