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In 2016 our contract to provide communal electricity was renewed. Market analysis indicated the prices would increase over the next three years. To give our customers better price certainty, we decided to procure a three year contract for communal electricity. To do this, we obtained a dispensation from the section 20 regulations that require a 30 day consultation period on costs, as the energy market requires acceptance of a price on the day of issue. Below is a copy of this dispensation.  

Decision of First Tier Tribunal 2016 - S.20 Landlord and Tenant Act

Decision of First Tier Tribunal (FtT) to award Westminster City Council permission to dispense with consultation requirements under S.20 Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 for Energy Procurement:

This notice follows our letter dated 12 August 2016, notifying all lessees who pay towards communal electricity in their service charges. In order to take advantage of low energy prices and procure a communal supply for more than a year, CityWest Homes, on behalf of Westminster City Council, would require the FtT to agree to dispensation from the requirement under the S.20 Landlord and Tenant Act. We would like to inform you that the application was successful.

On 6 September 2016, the Tribunal agreed to grant Westminster permission to dispense with S.20 consultation requirements on energy procurement.

A full copy of the Tribunal’s Decision is available here, plus a full copy is available at our area service centres.


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