Apple fritters and fabulous fabrics, a life lived in Westminster

Apple fritters and fabulous fabrics, a life lived in Westminster

Whilst Debbie has lived in Westminster all her life she has a special place in her heart for St John’s Wood after moving there when she was just eight years old.

“I have lived in Westminster my whole life and since 1978 I’ve called St John’s Wood home after moving to the area with my parents and brother when I was eight years old.

“As a child I have very fond memories of visiting Abbey Gardens, also called Violet Hill Park. It’s a stunning spot with lovely benches and swings.

“When I became pregnant at 29 I felt it was time for my own space and so I applied for a property through Westminster Housing. I was offered a home in Scott Ellis Gardens and accepted without hesitation as it was close to my family and in such a beautiful area.

“Ever since I moved here I have been close with my neighbours, it’s the people that make this place great! As well as getting to know my neighbours, Church Street has been my go to place for decades to meet and socialise with the locals and even after all this time I adore going there.

“There used to be an amazing apple fritter stall near the entrance to the market that was always an absolute favourite of mine. My mother and I also used to get very excited to visit the fabric store, which is still there today, to look at all gorgeous fabrics.

“Closer to home, I enjoy browsing the shops along St John’s Wood high street and stopping to enjoy a coffee. Also, the canal on Blomfield Road is a wonderful walk from one side of Westminster to the other side of the borough and I’m also very lucky to have Regents Park on my doorstep.

“I love living in Westminster and still feel very lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the world. It has a fun and vibrant energy with so many attractive tree lined roads, which I have enjoyed exploring over the years.”

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