Au pairing in Westminster and across Europe

Au pairing in Westminster and across Europe

Moving from the Philippines to Westminster in her 20s, Lita became an au pair and enjoyed trips to France and Switzerland with her new family.

“When I lived in the Phillipines I was the eldest of eight children, so I was used to looking after my younger siblings.

“So when I moved to Westminster, it felt natural to become an au pair. I started working for a family and looked after their children for many years.

“I became close with both the children and the parents and we all enjoyed holidays at their other properties in France and Switzerland. Once when I was in Switzerland, I met Julie Andrews! She invited me for a cup of tea because she wanted to speak English and reminisce about home.”

“In 1989 I moved to Lisson Green when I was newly married. Later in life when I had children of my own, I really enjoyed socialising with the other mothers in my neighbourhood.

“We would all go to Regent’s Park and teach the children how to play rounders. That’s why I love Westminster, because there’s such a great sense of community and we all look out for each other!”

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