Break the Mould helps over 1100 homes in Westminster

condensation and mould

Mould Busters is our dedicated mould and damp busting service that has helped over 1100 of our tenants tackle the issues of cold, condensation and mould in their homes. 

This free service is funded by Westminster City Council as part of a £12million investment to help us improve 5,800 Westminster properties affected by condensation and mould by 2020. 

In the last three months, the mould and damp busting team have seen a big increase in the number of referrals and have made 196 home visits. Steps the team have taken to resolve damp in residents’ homes have included the installation of positive input ventilation units and extractor fans in kitchens and bathrooms. These two rooms are traditionally the trickiest when it comes to condensation, with steam from cooking or bathing creating an excess of moisture on the walls. These rooms are closely followed by bedrooms where simply just breathing can and often causes condensation and mould.

Peter Armfield, who heads up the mould and damp busting team, said: “There’s a real need for this service. I visited a property at Odhams Walk where as soon as the front door opened you could smell the mould, it was a one bedroom home with mum, dad and twin girls about three years old. The bedroom was in a bad way along with the lounge. Dad was a bit sceptical that we could help, but I persuaded him to let us have a go. 

“We arranged the specialist ventilation and a month after the install we revisited. Mum opened the front door, the home smelt fresh; she was so excited with the change and couldn’t stop saying thank you. I left their home that day thinking that this industry leading initiative by Westminster really does change lives and I am so happy to be able to make it work.”    

The causes of condensation and mould are many and it takes a combination of reasons to create an internal environment that will lead to condensation and mould. Often, old buildings and modern lifestyles with frequent bathing, washing machines, tumble dryers and hair dryers don’t make a successful partnership when it comes to the quality of the internal environment.

But it’s not unsolvable, as the Mould Busters team have used a mix of enhanced ventilation and insulation to good effect. This ventilation system works away in the background solving condensation and mould cost effectively, saving untold millions in maintenance costs in the following years. This approach really is changing lives. Our tenants who have ongoing issues with damp and mould can arrange a visit by emailing