Buzzing for our locally produced honey

Buzzing for our locally produced honey

CityWest Homes produces honey for resident’s to enjoy from its beehives on the Lillington and Longmoore estate, in the heart of London.

For over seven years, there have been beehives at Lillington and Longmoore gardens estate, south of Victoria train station which is one of the busiest stations in the country.

Last year the crop from just two hives produced 120 jars of honey. The honey crop is considered an indicator of the environment and weather, so the amount of honey produced varies year to year. For example, bad weather means a poor honey crop.

The honey bees at Lillington and Longmoore collect pollen from the abundance of plants and flowers in the resident’s allotments, balconies, trees and gardens on the estate. They can fly up to a three mile radius, which means the bees could be visiting the gardens at Buckingham Palace!

James Meyer, Head Gardener at Lillington and Longmoore, said:

“Bees love the warmer temperatures, so we are expecting a good honey crop after the summer this year. I think our residents like knowing they (the bees) are here, it gets you closer to nature, which is unique for this location.”

One resident in the south area, said: “I think it’s fantastic how they produce honey on my estate, it’s a great idea and its delicious honey!”

The jars of honey are sold at the south area service centre priced at £4.50 each. The money will be used to continue to look after the beehives at Lillington and Longmoore estate.

If you’d like to sponsor the beehives by purchasing a jar of honey, please visit the south area service centre.