Cadent to carry out annual inspections of existing utility gas mains


Cadent, London’s national gas utility unit, has been carrying out annual inspections of existing utility mains across Westminster, which includes all of our housing stock. This is because parts of their networks which feed the blocks may require replacement or work. Cadent is therefore isolating and replacing these supplies, while CityWest Homes and the council’s planning department are liaising with Cadent to support residents until gas is reinstated. 
Cadent is giving £30 per day compensation (up to a limit of £1000) for each supply to the home. They’re also providing cooking hot plates, storage heaters and gym memberships for wash facilities. Residents who wish to apply for further compensation from Cadent can do so at
CityWest Homes is also offering oil filled electric radiators for any home that requires them. We are also looking at alternative means of providing hot water for any long term isolation of gas supplies and we have a dedicated utility engineer dealing with the reinstatement and completion of all gas supplies.