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heating and hot water statement

We have started trialling a new energy metering and billing scheme in some of our properties supplied by district or communal heating systems.

If you are a resident or leaseholder of Bramwell House, Shelley House, Ingestre Court or Hide Tower you will have received your first energy statement, detailing either your heating and hot water or Cyclo-control electricity usage (depending on your block) for the period of April to June. This is not a request for payment, as you will still be billed through your service charge (if you are a leaseholder) or through your rent (if you are a tenant).

The statement provides a breakdown of your energy usage as we will now be charging you for how much energy you use rather than a percentage of your block’s usage.

In some cases, this might mean that your bills will increase as you may be using more energy than you previously used (which is used to generate your estimated charge). However, in some cases bills may decrease. During the pilot, we are monitoring all usage and will be getting in touch with any residents who have particularly high usage and providing them with tips on how to save energy, as well as any other assistance we can offer.

Only residents who use more energy than their current estimate will face an increased charge from February/March 2018.

Once we have completed the pilot phase of this project, we plan to start this new metering and billing system in more of our properties and will be contacting residents to tell them when the changes will start to affect them.

For tips and tricks on how to save energy, visit the energy saving trust's website.


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