CityWest Homes launches new mobile technology

CityWest Homes launches new mobile workforce

An iPad application is now being used by our housing services team to increase efficiency of estate inspections and health and safety audits. This innovative digital system makes the inspections paper-free.

Our residents will benefit from this digital system such as
•    Inspection appointments can be automatically rescheduled if needed
•    Results are automated in real-time
•    The data collected is more accurate.

This means the results from the inspections are automatically saved to the housing management system, so teams such as CityWest Connect and Leasehold Operations will have immediate access to the following information:
•    When the last estate inspection took place
•    Whether cleaning, grounds maintenance and health and safety are up to standard
•    Any reported issues can be resolved quicker.

This will ensure the team are able to deliver a more proactive service, and will enable them to be more visible and available to residents.

High-vis jackets will be worn by the housing services team when on the estates so that residents can easily identify them, should they need their assistance.