CityWest Homes prepares for winter

The team use a camera to explore the drains

Winter is usually the time when the number of repair calls increase from residents, with leaks being the number one issue. This is why CityWest Homes has launched a pre-emptive plan of leak detection and drain clearance.

So far the programme has been rolled out to 11 estates where a number of issues have been spotted. 

Hundreds of drains have been cleared meaning they will not be clogged and cause even more problems in future. Age can cause drains to corrode and a build-up of lime scale, causing the pipes to narrow and become less efficient. 

To help combat this, a camera has been sent down pipes to check their condition and identify broken pipes which result in leaks. The pipes are cleaned and if a leak is found, then a pipe fixing substance is sent down to repair it. This means that no pipes need to be removed saving time and reducing inconvenience to residents. 

A team has also been checking main estate drains and sewage pipes to make sure they are clear to allow drainage to flow away from blocks.  Problems can be caused where residents tip cooking fat down the kitchen sink or flush nappies and wipes down the toilet, constantly causing blockages.

Jim Paterson, Property Services Director at CityWest Homes, said: “We know at this time of year, because of the weather, we receive a large number of calls from residents about leaks and blocked drainage. This is why we are on our estates carrying out proactive maintenance to mitigate as many problems as possible before they cause issues for our residents in their homes.  We have already done work on 11 estates with more planned over the next few months. 

“Using pipework lining technology means we can stop internal leaks that often cause us the most problems through access to properties where the pipes have cracked. We also ask residents to be mindful of what they flush or tip in their sinks. We have even found our own mini fatburgs that cause blockages and cause issues in their homes.”

The pre-emptive programme will continue throughout the winter period. To report a leak or blocked drain, residents can call 0800 358 3783 or email