CityWest Homes wins award for innovative project to reduce fuel bills for residents

Churchill Gardens

CityWest Homes is proud to announce a win for their energy team in October 2017. They scooped the ‘Integrated Energy Project of the Decade’ at the Association for Decentralised Energy's (ADE’s) Awards, for their innovative Cyclo Control scheme, currently being used in eight all-electric tower blocks in the heart of the city. While the Cyclo Control technology is being used by other local authorities, CityWest Homes is currently the only organisation in London to trial the use of ‘virtual’ block meters with this technology.

The ADE showcases innovation, best practice and achievements across combined heat and power, district heating and energy services. This year, ADE is celebrating 50 years of decentralised energy.

Cyclo is a system for controlling individual electric heating and hot water, while recording how much power is used. The Cyclo Control Towers scheme consists of 800 flats in eight electrically-heated tower blocks, managed by CityWest Homes, using ‘virtual’ block meters.

This allows CityWest Homes to combine the consumption from the individual flat meters onto a single, overall meter in each block. The information can help CityWest Homes to then make a bid for a cheaper energy supplier on behalf of residents. Each tower block has also been fitted with a web-enabled transmitter, which remotely switches on heating and hot water within a home, meaning CityWest Homes can switch on heating and hot water at fixed times when the cost of electricity is cheapest. They can also monitor or detect faults with the system more quickly and accurately.

The scheme impressed the judges with its innovative way of saving money for residents. During a time when bills continue to rise, tackling fuel poverty remains high on the agenda for many local authorities and housing associations. It’s no surprise then that housing authorities across the UK are already enquiring how the technology could benefit their residents and communities. You can view the ADE video and case study on the project at (opens new window).

Chris Richardson, head of PDHU and energy, CityWest Homes, said: “I am truly delighted to have come away with this award, which is well deserved by the team.

“CityWest Homes first won an award for Cyclo Control in 2015 as a stand-alone entry. So to be chosen out of all the other innovative and deserving projects over the last decade is really great. We persisted with the Cyclo technology, finding new solutions to continue serving our residents and this is something that the energy industry has recognised. We are grateful to the ADE for celebrating this and humbled by this achievement.”

CityWest Homes also introduced the new heat metering and billing pilot in one of the Cyclo Control Towers to comply with EU and UK government legislation. This requires end users to be billed based on their actual energy usage.