Communal heating - Find out when we will be switching your heating on

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We’ve received a number of requests from our residents to switch the communal heating system on.

The heating season starts on 1 October each year. On occasion and in periods of colder temperatures, the heating is turned on prior to this date. This is usually with agreement with the local area offices.

Due to the low temperatures in the last couple of weeks and feedback from residents, we will begin turning the heating on for all blocks served by PDHU  from Wednesday 20 September.

For other blocks, please check the list below:

Block Date
Wellington Road 20 September
Porchester Square 21 September
Gloucester Gardens 21 September
Beachcroft House 21 September
Queensborough Terrace 21 September
Berrington House 21 September
Pickering House and Medical Centre 22 September
Swanleys 22 September
Church Street properties 22 September
Dicksee House 22 September
Eastlake /Tadema 22 September
Verney House 25 September
Lapford Close 25 September
Torridon House 25 September
Parsons House 25 September
Ingestre Court 26 September
Harford House 26 September
Holcroft Court 26 September
Fallodon House 26 September
Carey House 26 September
Fountain Court 26 September

We are unable to turn the heating on sooner than the scheduled dates due to planned maintenance work that has to be completed before the heating is turned on. We are doing all that we can to complete this work as quickly as possible.

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