Customer service centre update

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Following the launch of our new customer service centre in June call waiting times have sometimes been longer than is acceptable, but whilst we are still receiving more calls than we had originally predicted, due to the tragic Grenfell fire and a change in our repairs contractors, we are continually making changes to improve our service.
Since the customer service centre launched we have:

• doubled the number of customer service centre staff who deal with repairs calls
• recruited a dedicated team to manage email queries
• provided additional training for staff
• improved our IT and phone systems to deal with enquiries more efficiently

We are also:

• recruiting more staff in preparation for January, which is traditionally our busiest month
• introducing queue buster technology to call residents back so they don’t have to wait on the phone

Before we launched the customer service centre, residents told us how important it was for queries to be resolved on the first call, so we continue to make this our priority.

We are now resolving 57% of queries on the first call, this has increased month on month from 15% when we launched in June.

Due to the colder weather and heating being switched on, the number of calls received increased during October. This has meant that whilst we managed to reduce the average call waiting time to 5 mins 40 secs in September, it has risen again in October to 10 mins. We have introduced measures to combat this and will have the call back technology live by December to ensure people don’t have to wait on the phone.

We are also working to develop better online services so residents can do more themselves and we continue to offer face to face advice and support in our area service centres, at community drop-in sessions and through home visits.
As we continue to take on feedback and improve our services we will also be providing regular updates via our website, so residents can be confident that we are working to provide them with the best possible service.  

Call volumes in October
First contact resolution - October