How to recycle Christmas items (and everything else)

Christmas decoration with recycle symbol

Christmas can generate a lot of waste, from gift wrap to trees. You can help the environment by using our list of ways to recycle festive items. We also believe that recycling isn’t just for Christmas, it’s for life – so we’ve also added tips to help you recycle all year round.

Real Christmas trees

Please don’t put trees on the street, in communal areas or attempt to burn them. The best way to dispose of your tree is by taking it to a recycling centre. Westminster has 26 recycling points for real Christmas trees. Find your local drop-off point here (opens new window).

Mixed recycling (cards, gift wrap and food jars)

The following can be put in your mixed recycling bags, boxes and bins:

1. Christmas cards without glitter. Please also remove badges and batteries from cards before putting them in mixed recycling
2. Paper gift wrap, wrapping paper and paper gift bags, but please remove any string from paper gift bags and put the string in your rubbish
3. Glass jars including cranberry sauce, mincemeat and baby food jars - give them a rinse in your leftover washing-up water, but don't worry about removing labels as they will come off in the recycling process.

More ways to recycle at home

Every residential property in Westminster, including individual houses or blocks of flats, receives at least one mixed recycling collection per week. You can order recycling bags here(opens new window) if you haven’t received them already. In mixed recycling, you can put:

1. Paper and cardboard
2. Food tins and drinks cans
3. Mixed glass bottles and jars
4. Cartons e.g. Tetra Paks (food cartons made with paperboard, plastic and aluminium)
5. Plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays
6. Aerosol cans (they should be empty and not crushed)
7. Aluminium foil, washed and squashed.

Everything else, including electricals

Did you know that most household goods can be recycled and made into something new? If you want to find out how to recycle anything from telephones to clothes, check out Westminster City Council’s A – Z listing of what (and how) can be recycled here (opens new window).