How we’re helping thousands of people to find a home

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Homeownership Westminster (HOW), a Westminster City Council service delivered by CityWest Homes, has been helping people onto the property ladder since 2009.

Affordable housing continues to be a national issue. Rising prices make renting or owning a home - in the heart of the London - a growing challenge for many. That’s why services such as HOW have become more crucial than ever, by offering a step up to those who are struggling to meet increasingly high price tags.

The service works by prioritising Westminster residents, followed by Westminster workers, for intermediate housing, rent and home ownership opportunities across the area. The criteria for applicants are that they need to have lived or worked in the Westminster area for at least 12 months.

The HOW team have helped over 1,150 households to rent or buy a home in Westminster. This means an average of 150 people per year have been supported with finding (and affording) their perfect home.

In 2018 alone the team helped 68 households to find a home through home ownership and rental. They continue to advertise opportunities online, with an exciting development of 13 shared ownership one, two and three bed apartments, launching in Paddington in January 2019.

For those seeking a one or two bed apartment to rent, Dudley House is launching in May 2019 in Paddington. This development consists of over 170 apartments. Visit the HOW website (opens new window) for further details in early 2019.
Applicants to HOW come from a diverse range of backgrounds, ages and jobs. From families to young professionals, the scheme has opened doors for many in the area. Visit the HOW website (opens new window) for further information including how to apply.