Hundreds of Westminster residents helped to Break the Mould

Resident who was helped by the mould busting team

Over 850 Westminster residents have been helped to combat damp, condensation and mould in their properties thanks to a specialist service provided by CityWest Homes.

Since launching the dedicated mould and damp busting service in December 2016, the team have made over 850 home visits to tenants and are expected to reach the 1,000 mark by summer 2018.

By providing a bespoke face to face service to tenants, as well as more general advice on prevention, the team have made a significant impact on people’s lives, improving both their homes and in many cases, their health.

Mrs Olsoy (pictured centre), who was helped by the team said: “I had mould and damp problems and despite my home being very well maintained I couldn’t get rid of them. I’m so pleased I contacted the mould busting team, they inspected the problem areas of mould and damp in my home and gave me advice on how to prevent these issues in the future.

“Getting this sorted before winter gave me peace of mind for me and my family and made me feel more comfortable in my home.”

Now, during the warmer months, CityWest Homes is encouraging residents to plan ahead and prevent damp and mould in their properties by contacting them early on when they spot an issue developing.

Peter Armfield (pictured right), who heads up the mould and damp busting team said: “Preventing damp, condensation and mould in the home can be a really simple process.

“With a few changes to someone’s everyday routine, the issue can be resolved completely, and for those tenants who have more serious mould and damp issues we want to encourage them to quickly get in touch with us so we can help.”

Peter’s top tips for preventing condensation and mould in the home:

•    Always use a lid when cooking on the hob
•    Close the door when showering
•    Try to avoid drying clothes on radiators
•    Open windows to air your home where possible

Tenants who have ongoing issues with damp and mould can arrange a visit by calling 0800 358 3783 or by emailing         

The mould busting team are part of a £12million investment by Westminster City Council for CityWest Homes to improve 5,800 Westminster properties affected by condensation and mould by 2020.

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