Keeping our communities safe this autumn by working together

Keeping our communities safe this autumn by working together

Westminster City Council has launched an Autumn Nights Partnership with CityWest Homes and the police to address anti-social behaviour between Halloween and Bonfire night.

With the safety of our residents being our number one priority CityWest Homes is working with the council and police to ensure residents have a safe Bonfire Night and Halloween. This is an exciting time of year with many public events and seasonal activities to share with your family. 

Take extra care when you're celebrating 
Halloween, Bonfire Night, Diwali and Christmas is a time when we might light candles, dress up, and display lots of decorations – increasing the risk of fire.  Make sure decorations are kept away from naked flames, and if you are celebrating with fancy dress, always check that costumes are fire retardant in accordance to European standard EN71-2. 
Unfortunately, costumes don't have to be made to the same safety standards as regular clothes, which mean that they are a greater fire risk. Here’s a short video below that explains the risks:

What to do if clothes catch fire?
If there's an accident with a candle or flame, and your clothes catch fire, don’t run. Try and remember ‘stop, drop, roll' – which means: 
1.    Stop – don’t run, you’ll make the flames worse.
2.    Drop – lie down on the ground at once.
3.    Roll – in heavy fabric or a fire blanket to smother the flames, though just on the ground will help. 
For further information and advice please visit our fire safety page.

Keep safe this Bonfire Night – 5 November 2018
At this time of year there are many celebrations involving fireworks. Westminster City Council, CityWest Homes, the London Fire Brigade and the Metropolitan Police are working together to help prevent the misuse of fireworks across our estates and ensure residents have a safe and enjoyable Bonfire Night and Diwali. 
To keep our estates safe the partnership would like to remind residents of the following when using fireworks:

  • Fireworks must not be stored/used in communal areas or in your home. This is a condition of your Westminster tenancy and lease agreements
  • Please remove any personal items from communal areas and balconies which could be used to start fires by others
  • Please do not have bonfires anywhere, either in your home or on the estate
  • It is illegal to let fireworks off in the street or a public place
  • Selling fireworks to anyone under the age of 18 years is illegal. Anyone aged under 18 may not possess a firework in a public place.
  • Please help us to keep your neighbourhood safe by reporting to the Police any incidents of anti-social behaviour associated with misuse of fireworks or excessive noise. All reports will be taken in confidence.

To report misuse of fireworks, call the Police on the non-emergency number 101.

In an emergency, or if you are in immediate danger, always call 999.