The Lisson Green line dancing queen

The Lisson Green Line Dancing Queen Love Westminster

Pena has lived in Westminster for 30 years and choreographs the popular line dancing classes she set up back in 2015.

“I started the group because I wanted to promote physical activity amongst over 50s and bring people together.

“Many of the women who lived nearby felt lonely and some were widowed, so I wanted to do something fun that would allow us to socialise and be active!

“In our group there are women from all over the world, for example South Africa, Philippines (my home country) and the Caribbean, such as Tobago, St Lucia and Jamaica. I studied Dance at University and have always been a teacher.

“Classes are on Tuesdays, Thursdays and the Friday class is for the younger ones. We are very grateful for City West Homes for allowing us to use the Lisson Green community centre, it’s a great space to practise.

“Our group have been asked to perform all over London and the UK. We wear these great uniforms, which make us feel young! This includes red hats, neck scarfs and glittery waistcoats.

“Our dancers enjoy socialising with the spectators and usually bring food to share with people. As a treat we organise monthly group trips out of London, we have visited Portsmouth, the Cotswolds and enjoyed fish and chips at Southend pier.

“When I first moved here from the Philippines over 30 years ago everyone was very polite to each other and spoke nicely, there was absolutely no swearing! My father looked after some horses in London and my brother and I got to ride them in Hyde Park.

If you would like to join Pena’s sensational line dancing classes, please see here. If you have a story about why you Love Westminster, get in touch.

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