To live and work in ‘theatre land’

To live and work in ‘theatre land’

Barbara, originally from Brighton, moved to Covent Garden as a young adult, to be closer to her job in ‘theatre land’.

“When I first started working at the Royal Theatre in Brighton, I had no understanding of the industry.

“This quickly changed when my mother-in-law arranged an interview for me to work in a theatre in the West End. 

“I moved to Covent Garden to start my new job, which was ideally placed for my work in ‘theatre land’.

“To this day, the area is still great and world renowned for shows and theatres!

“Now live in Amberley in Little Venice. After moving from Covent Garden, I feel like I live in the countryside now, I can hear the birds singing and it’s much greener.

“One of my neighbours is from the Philippines and she loves to cook. So I am always well fed and we spend time together, which is lovely!

“The parks are beautiful around Little Venice and there’s the canal too. The history makes this such an interesting place.

“I wouldn’t change anything about Westminster, there is so much to do, plus a good bus network and it is friendly for older people.”

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