Meet the Mould Buster team tackling condensation across our estates

Break the Mould

Winter is here, which means a likely rise in cold, condensation and mould issues in the home. That’s why we re-launched our free Mould Busters service to tenants in autumn 2017 and our team have been making a difference across our estates ever since.

We focussed on over 1,200 tenanted properties in the north area. As a result, we received around 100 referrals, through e-shots, the call centre and even our very first text messaging pilot.

Damp and mould are growing problems, thought to affect approximately 1 in 5 households in the UK. They can seriously affect health, cause property damage and prove a costly problem to fix.

So if you are a CityWest Homes tenant, and your property is experiencing issues with cold, condensation and mould, please contact our free Break the Mould service in confidence. Our Mould Busters will visit your home for free, assess the issue and identify ways we can help. These may be repairs or simple changes in the home.

Free support and information for you

• Visit to complete our online form and book a visit. Alternatively, you can call us on 0800 358 3783 or email
• Join the campaign on Twitter @CityWestHomes  #BreaktheMould
• Prefer to tackle the issue yourself? Then view our top tips video on YouTube, which provides five ways you can reduce condensation at home
• You can also view our handy tips sheet on how you can reduce your heating bill, while still keeping your home cosy and dry
• If you’re a leaseholder we are happy to provide you with advice. We can even refer you to ventilation experts we use ourselves, such as Nuaire, leading providers of a range of ventilation solutions (opens new window).

Case study of a tenant

What we do can really make a difference. During September 2017, Mrs Olsoy, a north areas resident, gave the team a warm welcome and spoke to them about the issues in her home.

Having carried out a full assessment, it was clear that despite the home being maintained extremely well, condensation and cold were still creating problem areas for the family.

Our team therefore contracted the following works, which are completely free of charge to the tenants:

- Ventilation fan to be installed in the loft, which will help with circulation around all rooms of the two bedroom home

- Installation of new extractor fans in the kitchen and bathroom. These two rooms are traditionally the trickiest when it comes to condensation, with steam from cooking or bathing creating an excess of moisture on the walls. This, when combined with cold, can quickly lead to mould problems.

The work will be carried out over the following months, to be completed in time for the New Year. We will be following the family as they embark on their journey and find out if the repairs carried out have changed things for the better.

The team have also been shortlisted for a TPAS award in the Community Focused Service/Product of the Year category, with results due in February 2018.

PHOTO CAPTION: From left – Ali Hassein, CityWest Homes trainee project surveyor, Mrs O Olsoy (north area resident) and Peter Armfield, CityWest Homes quality and sustainability manager.