Mercado to market, from Colombia to Church Street

Nohemy Williams

“I loved living in Westminster from day one and whilst I’ve moved around within the borough, I’ve never wanted to move out.”
“When I first moved to the UK it was really comforting to see so many markets, they had been a big part of my life in Colombia so it was great that there were so many in Westminster.”

“The first market I saw was the Church Street market. I used to do my shopping there on Saturdays and occasionally bought a toy or a pair of pyjamas for my then four year old. That said, I haven’t been to the market on a Saturday for years. I often use the internet and shop online more nowadays and seldom come to the market.”

“When it comes to spending free time in Westminster, I enjoy looking round the churches and museums and the City in general with its long and interesting history. I would personally recommend visiting Westminster Abbey and having tea at the Crypt of St Paul.”

When asked about the best part of where she currently lives, Nohemy said:

“I like to have lots of greenery and light. I have lived on a number of estates in Westminster and I think the current one I live on is the best. I love the wild life and beauty of Regents Park, with the lake and the greenery, which I have a view of from my balcony. You feel like in a different world when you’re there, you can forget that you’re in the middle of the city.”

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