My Journey to Westminster

Quamar Roobie

CityWest Homes resident Quamar Roobie was born in Somalia but lived in Italy for nine years before moving to the UK.

“I left Somalia in 1995 because of the war and moved to Italy for my safety. I did return to Somalia for a visit in 2015 but it had changed; the area and roads were not the same -everything looked different.

“I met and married my husband in Italy. He also had to leave Somalia because of the war but had resided in Holland before going to Italy.”

Quamar and her husband decided to move from Italy to London. They settled in Brent for seven years, living in a privately owned property. The couple had four girls and one boy and very soon found themselves looking for a larger home to accommodate their expanding family.

“In 2009, I moved to the Hallfield estate located in Queensway, Westminster.

“When I first moved in it was scary because I did not have any friends and I spoke fluent Italian. I began learning English through my children and the TV which was not easy as I had to learn mannerisms, dialect and culture."

 “The environment is good as there are lots of different people including some from my own culture.

“The Hallfield estate feels safe and there are more activities for the children. There is an area located near the front block with a lovely park for the them to play in. There are also so many places to visit such as Hyde Park, the science museum and I often take my children to the swimming pool on Harrow Road.

“The estate has such a lovely community spirit. For example, if I am not at home and have a delivery my neighbours will always collect the package and I do the same for them too. I always know that if I need tea it's only a knock away!”

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