New major works contracts to provide better quality and employment for residents

CityWest Homes estates

Two new long-term contractors have been appointed to deliver all major refurbishment works across our estates in order to provide a better quality service, greater value for money as well as employment opportunities for residents.

We have appointed Axis Europe in the north of the borough and United Living in the south to deliver all planned refurbishment works over the next 10 years.

The appointment of the two contracts for the two areas will encourage best practice, quality and value for money throughout all projects, whilst ensuring each provider is familiarised with their area to guarantee maximum efficiency.

As well as delivering better quality works, the contractors are also set to provide 400 job opportunities for Westminster residents over the next 10 years, as well as training and apprenticeship opportunities.

Procuring the contracts for a 10 year period will also deliver savings of £28million through cutting procurement costs as contractors were previously procured on a project by project basis. The savings will be passed onto leaseholders and the Housing Revenue Account (HRA) enabling the council to provide more affordable homes as well as channelling further investment into existing stock.

Cllr Robathan, Cabinet Member for Housing said: “As well as continuing to build new affordable homes across Westminster, it is really important that we look after our existing properties and the families who call them home”.

“Not only will these contracts ensure that Westminster’s housing is maintained to the highest possible standard, but they will also offer employment opportunities for our residents allowing them to make the best of their lives in the centre of London.” 

The new contractors will start to deliver major works across Westminster from December 2017 until 2027.

To find out more about apprenticeship opportunities with CityWest Homes’ visit for more information.