One of the most beautiful places in the world


Atanaska moved to the UK from Bulgaria in 1996 and has called London home ever since.

Atanaska said: “When I first moved to Westminster I really loved the flat and the area. All my neighbours really welcomed me and my family.

“My English wasn’t perfect but people were patient with me and Westminster City Council also paid for me to have English lessons. Also getting to know neighbours through having a coffee and a cake in the laundrette helped my English as well.”

“When my friends and family come to visit me they can’t believe where I live, from my balcony I can see right across London. When my cousin came to visit me from Venice she thought I lived in one of the most beautiful places, and she’s from Venice!”

“Westminster has given me so many opportunities and I’m really appreciative for that, that’s why I make an effort to try and give back through volunteering on my local Resident Area Panel and for the local NHS trust.”

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