Proud to live in Westminster


Maureen Symes has lived in Westminster all her life.

In the 1960s, she lived on Droops Street with her four sons.

“I’ve seen the area change a lot over the decades and my home in particular was very different back then, we only had an outdoor toilet!

“I have always felt very safe in this neighbourhood, so much so that we used to leave our key on a string outside the door, so anyone could get in!”

In 1967, after her daughter was born, Maureen moved to Forsyth House. The house had more bedrooms so her daughter could have her own space away from the boys. It also had the luxury of an indoor toilet!

“The property and the estate were brand new; no one had lived here previously. It was nice to move to a home that was just ours and had only ever been ours.

"There were lots of families and small children in the neighbourhood too so it was a really nice place to raise our children.”

Maureen and her family fell in love with their new home and the friendly community that they all became a part of.

Nowadays, she regularly attends coffee mornings in the local area and goes to workshops to pick up new skills, like learning to use the computer with Open Age.

“Even today there is still a great sense of community in Westminster and I am proud to be a part of it.”

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