Resident group helps to tackle rough sleeping


CityWest Homes’ South Area Residents Panel has been finding ways to tackle rough sleeping across Westminster. 

The panel, which is made up of residents from the south of Westminster and facilitated by CityWest Homes, chose the issue of rough sleeping and homelessness to focus on after feeling it was a growing issue in the area. 

As a result, the panel have started to use StreetLink, a 24-hour service that helps put a person sleeping rough in touch with local authorities and outreach services.
CityWest Homes’ resident and south area panel member, Sally who lives on Millbank Estate used Street Link to help an individual she saw sleeping rough. She later received an update saying the individual had accepted support from local services, increasing their chance to rebuild their life away from the streets.
Sally said: “I saw an individual sleeping rough in Westminster and I used the StreetLink app to report it so that they could get some help. Within ten days I heard back from StreetLink that they had found the rough sleeper, who is now engaging with local services with the aim of a better safer life off the streets. 

“I'm so glad I was able to help. Just a few minutes of my time may have made a positive contribution to another person's welfare and well-being.”

How does it work? 
•    If you see someone you think is sleeping rough, you can use the website or StreetLink app to make a referral
•    Details you provide are then sent to local authorities and outreach services in the area to help them locate the    individual and assist them with getting the right support
•    Outreach teams can then refer them to night shelters, an assessment centre or medical help.

What information do you need? 
•    The location of the individual 
•    The time last seen
•    The gender and approximate age
•    What they are wearing and any other distinguishable details

Making a referral on StreetLink can help local services find out about new or hidden rough sleepers who aren’t already known to local authorities. Although it is not an emergency service, outreach teams aim to respond as soon as possible.

To help someone sleeping rough in your community and connect them to local services, download the StreetLink app or visit StreetLink’s website (opens new window).

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