Residents volunteer to help shape our services

New Residents Council members Gerry Loughran (left) and Ian Davies (right) with Council Chair Lynn Connolly.

CityWest Homes has welcomed new resident volunteers to help shape Westminster’s housing services.
The residents have joined the organisation’s Resident Area Panels and Residents’ Council, the primary groups through which residents have their say on social housing services in the borough.

Following an open invite to all CityWest Homes residents, a volunteer recruitment evening was held in February to select new members for the groups. Attendees at the recruitment evening completed group tasks and were assessed by existing resident panel members to see if they would be suitable for the position and a good fit with other panel members.

Fran, who will be joining the North Residents Area Panel said: “I wanted to get involved in my local panel to help improve relations between different communities in my area as well as meet new people. As a full-time carer for my mother for the past 5 years, I am also looking forward to using experience gained in previous professional roles in the charity and justice sectors to generate positive social change.”

Ian, who will be joining the Residents’ Council said: “I really wanted to use my experience in management roles to help deliver positive social change. I am really looking forward to working with the CityWest Homes team and the whole community to make our area a better place to live.”

CityWest Homes has four Resident Area Panels across the south, west, north and central areas of Westminster and one Resident’s Council, the Chair of which attends each CityWest Homes’ board meeting. These groups meet four times a year, to discuss issues that matter in their local areas.

In 2017 the panels helped to develop a number of different projects for residents, including a fly-tipping campaign involving local schools, digital inclusion projects for older people and a security review.

Jonathan Cowie, chief executive of CityWest Homes said: “Our panels are one of the main ways that our residents help us to shape our services. In the past year, they’ve come up with some really innovative projects and I’m looking forward to seeing how the new members contribute and come up with some similarly brilliant ideas.”

New members for the Panels and Council are recruited on a yearly basis, to find out more about the panels, Council and  their work visit

Picture caption: New Residents Council members Gerry Loughran (left) and Ian Davies (right) with Council Chair Lynn Connolly.


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