From swimming to singing, memoirs of a life-long Westminster citizen

Jim Graham

Jim has many tales to tell since being born and living in Westminster all his life.

“I was born at St Mary’s Hospital and now live at Renfrew House in Maida Vale. When I was a child my father worked at Selfridges and dressed up as Father Christmas every year. He was so good at it I didn’t recognise him in costume!”

“My school was on Bravington Road where we learnt Gardening and how to make shoes. However, it was quite the ordeal when we learnt how to swim; a rope was tied around our waists and we were thrown into the water until we didn’t need to be pulled out by the rope, I always needed the rope!”

“One of my favourite things growing up was to wave at the carriages arriving and departing at Paddington Station. When I left school I became a gardener at Regent’s Park in the Queen Marys Garden. It was much easier to find work back then and jobs were listed in the newspapers.”

“I really like my neighbours, I’m lucky to live around good people. I am on the committee for the local Tenant Management Organisation. We have regular meetings and good social events, where I sing occasionally. My passion is singing because it makes people feel good, so I sing at local schools and the Saddlers Wells theatre.”

To get more involved in your community and maybe even hear Jimmy sing (!) take a look at events happening near you.


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