Volunteers create a place in the city for children to learn about nature

Groundwork volunteers

On Thursday 26 October 2017, volunteers from CityWest Homes teamed up with Groundwork UK to lend helping hands to a community garden which was in need of a makeover.

We're proud to be working in partnership with Groundwork UK, a charity which believes in providing training, reducing energy use, re-connecting people with nature and transforming neighbourhoods. So this was a fantastic project to contribute to our community and make a difference to the environment.

Helen Lucas and Rebecca Malik, both leasehold advisors, cleared an area through a local nature reserve set inside St John’s Wood Church Garden. 

Judy Hallgarten, senior project coordinator for Groundwork UK, said: “The area had become completely overgrown and impenetrable. The volunteers had to use saws and loppers to cut a path through the undergrowth, with the aim of encouraging children to wander through the space and look for wildlife. Their hard work has paid off, ensuring children now have a lovely, safe space to help them learn.”

At CityWest Homes we are committed to giving back time to the community by offering our people the chance to volunteer at events like this one.